three pretty birds

I feel like I’m getting my old sewing mojo back. I made some little birds from some pretty fabric and I’m saying goodbye to lots of other fabrics… I’m trying to simplify things around here and a big part of that is to get rid of STUFF! I’m picking out a few favorite fabrics that […]

trial and error

Lots of error! I came across this picture on Pinterest and thought, ‘I can do that!’ Well, my result isn’t quite what I was going for but it has some charm. You can see when I finally got to the point of putting it all together things were just a bit wrong and it wasn’t […]

It’s Friday!

I thought about calling this Frought Friday, or Frightful Friday but I’m sure there at least a few people out there having a harder day that I am. Let’s just say having bronchitis and minding a cranky 2 year old don’t go happily hand in hand. I did cut my ‘hope to accomplish’ list in […]

a little companion sampler

Although we woke up to a good amount of snow, it really feels like Spring and Easter is just around the corner! I have a few projects to help you with your Easter stitching/decorating. When I say a few, I truly mean it – I only have about 4 of each available as I write […]

Sweet Bundles of Inspiration

I’ve added a new fabric offering to the webshop. These little fat eighth bundles are perfect for needlework finishes, hexies, quilt sqaures, or just for looking pretty on a shelf. This pink/white bundle is my favorite! We are expecting snow but here is a pretty patch of purple flowers I can see from my window […]

End of the Month Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed! Thank you for all your comments! A new giveaway for international readers coming soon! (the prize!) Wow, March pretty much flew past it seems. I’m getting my April webshop offerings organized but in the meanwhile I’m going to offer a little Spring/Happy April themed giveaway! Due to the high cost […]

Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

What was going to be a quick trip to Boulder on Saturday ended up being a half day drive in beautiful weather. We went from Boulder up and over to Coal Creek Canyon and then through Netherland back down to Boulder and home and we did not take the main roads….you should see the mud […]

cupcakes & stitches

I’ve made a teeny bit more progress on Bee Keeper’s Cottage. I’d like to share a few thoughts for those who are thinking about stitching this one. First of all it’s a super sweet design which is easy to see. I decided not to kit this one for the webshop because I really think for […]