Birthday Thank You!!








Jerry’s sister came for a visit last week, the week of my was a week long party and I’m exhausted!!

We went places every day, much shopping and consuming of food occurred. We hung out with all the kids on various occasions and drank a dangerous amount of coffee.

It was a great week! I did squeeze in a little brioche knitting which I’ve just learned. The pin is from T, he got me 5 adorable pins (with some input from his mom) and Amber got me some makeup sponges that are too pretty to use and look sweet in the snow. The bunny is from Jerry’s sister and I treated myself to some herb plants!

Thank you, thank you for all the happy birthdays over at facebook. I’ve been off facebook for more than a year now so I don’t see what’s happening there. I appreciate the thought so much!!

I’ve been trying some pretty great recipes lately. I’ll be posting a few very soon.


PS Janet gave me my first lessons in oil painting while she was here…yet another hobby???!!!



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Easter Pinkeep
My Favorite Easter Song:

Christ, the Lord, is risen today, Alleluia!
Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia!
Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!
Sing, ye heavens, and earth, reply, Alleluia!

Love’s redeeming work is done, Alleluia!
Fought the fight, the battle won, Alleluia!
Lo! the Sun’s eclipse is over, Alleluia!
Lo! He sets in blood no more, Alleluia!

Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, Alleluia!
Christ hath burst the gates of hell, Alleluia!
Death in vain forbids His rise, Alleluia!
Christ hath opened paradise, Alleluia!

Lives again our glorious King, Alleluia!
Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!
Once He died our souls to save, Alleluia!
Where thy victory, O grave? Alleluia!

 ~Charles Wesley, 1739

Baked some empty tomb rolls, an Easter tradition started by Amber (who is in Portland this weekend).  Empty tomb rolls are made by wrapping a large marshmallow in Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough – I leave 2 ‘triangles’ of dough together to form a large rectangle for wrapping each marshmallow.  Bake according to instructions on can.  When they come out of the oven the marshmallow has melted away leaving an empty cavity.  Lightly glaze if desired.





Looking back at Christmas


photo 2 (19)

photo 1 (18)

photo 1 (16)

photo (46)

photo 4 (8)

photo 1 (17)

photo 2 (18)

photo 3 (11)


Christmas was so very nice this year. Somewhat quiet, a little rushed, spread out over several days, but highly enjoyed by all, and we had snow. Sharing a few pictures (quite a few actaully) I hope you’ll enjoy.

I’m not one for resolutions but I do plan to get back to blogging on a more regular basis – I thank you for visiting me here, truly!

Hoping 2015 has been wonderful to you so far! :0)

photo (45)

PS – I posted a No Sew Knitted Gift Bag tutorial/knit-along over the holidays, search hashtag – #nosewknittedgiftbag on Instagram :0)

Christmas Decorating









Decorating is a bit of an ongoing process for me. I continue to add and move things around right up to the big day. I also preview a few recipes as the month goes on and then bake my favorites again for some fresh goodies on Christmas.

New items this Christmas…A knitted star garland using this pattern, I knitted a few stars last year but finally got it finished this year after some instagram inspiration! A new quilted mat for the table, it’s hidden by some Christmas sweets. And a pretty ornament from the 2014 JCS ornie issue.

Wishing you Happy Holidays!!


Autumn craft round-up









I’ve made good progress on some things and not so much on others. I’ve even done some Christmas sewing. I did ship a big order of IH&B items to Hoffmans too.

A happy finish is this throw I started sometime back. I felt a little over-ambitious a the time hoping I’d have this done by Thanksgiving but I actually did get it done…Yeah!! I used this pattern and some inexpensive craft store yarn. I added several leaf pattern repeats beyond what the pattern called for to make it more of a wrap/small throw for chilly evenings.

I also made a Tom Turkey Pillow! Pop over to this blog and make one for yourself. It was a quick little project and I’m pretty pleased to have another nice Autumn decoration around here! While you’re at it you should consider following the Tom Turkey designer over on instagram! She is hosting an adorable Christmas quilt-along. I’ve even added a free kit (with book purchase) to go with the book used for the project at my webshop. Be sure to read my description carefully regarding the gingerbread pattern needed!

I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like on my November stitching project. My eyes aren’t what they used to be…I can’t stitch much after dark anymore :0(


And while I’m on the subject of getting old(er) …Jerry and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this month! The best thing about getting old(er) is getting old(er) with him!


Happy 4th!







I’ve been working on a new batch of Patriotic Pockets this week, seem just right considering the date. I stitched up another design to feature with this product as well. As soon as I saw the new Old Glory design from Little House I couldn’t wait to see it on a pocket. I’m sharing it with you here. I think it’s a nice fit. I’ve also decided to have a little sale in honor of the occasion. I’m taking $4 off a few July 4th themed Impie, Hattie & Bea items when purchased with design at the webshop! You can find the details here!

I was inspired by several things to make a little bunting – using some Patriotic Pocket scraps – for my herb basket, I think they are very festive and pretty too. I wanted to make buntings for everything but controlled myself. Maybe I’ll make some in the future to offer through the webshop if there’s an interest…I’ll put it on my someday list in any case.

I made a batch of something else today for the holiday – cherry blueberry scones! They are quite yummy. I used this recipe and just added some fresh fruit at the end before kneading. I also used half & half in place of milk.

We a fortunate enough to see some of the best fireworks in our county out of our back windows. So Jerry got to work giving them a good wash this morning. Here he is perching on a second story window ledge….they looked great but it’s pouring rain at the moment. Not sure what that means for the windows or the fireworks!

Hope you have a day filled with good things, Happy 4th!



The sale prices are in effect through Monday!

another sneak peek!







Impie, Hattie & Bea will have something new available from Hoffmans at the end of the week. Your local shop can order one for you or if you don’t have one you will be able to get one at the webshop soon.

Here is a little sneak peek. Some of you have been looking of the Cameo Rose Pincushion (one of these pictures is before I added the cameo) I showed with some of the components of the new product, you can find that here. I will spill all the beans on the our new product tomorrow so stop by again!

I hope those celebrating Mother’s Day enjoyed the day, here is a picture of the yummy lunch we had here.

See you tomorrow!!












I hope your Easter Sunday was blessed.

Ours was quite nice and relaxing. We went to one of the extra services at church on Saturday afternoon knowing how crowded things were bound to be at the other services. On Sunday there were eggs, candy, a few baked things and a very simple Easter dinner. We also took time to drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. As you can see we had some sun and some rain. All in all, a very sweet Easter Sunday.


a little companion sampler







Although we woke up to a good amount of snow, it really feels like Spring and Easter is just around the corner! I have a few projects to help you with your Easter stitching/decorating. When I say a few, I truly mean it – I only have about 4 of each available as I write this.

This is a free design by The Nebby Needle – isn’t it sweet? I’ve put together some materials kits for this to coordinate with the Bunny Basket Sampler. You can find all here! The kit includes linen, fabric for back, fuzzy trim, hand dyed threads, wool for bunny and alpaca for tail, and 1 JABCO carrot pin. You can see how pretty the fabric on the back of these two little basket samplers look together!

Coming soon, another Basket Sampler by the Nebby Needle, also perfect for Easter.


PS – DON’T FORGET to leave a comment on Monday’s post if you want to be entered in Friday’s drawing for the Happy April/Spring stitching goodies!

Sampler of the Month!








Lately, I love purple and so that is how I saw my finish of this pretty and simple sampler called A Prairie Girl’s Sampler from Midnight Stitching. I stitched this on 32 count lambswool linen with a selections of pretty purple threads I put together and used in a random way. It fits in a standard 8×10 frame this way. Jane likes it too!

I’m offering this as a kit this month. The kit includes – the design, linen, purple thread pack, purple border fabric, and finishing trim. I will sew your fabric to the linen (no charge) for you if you request it or send it un-attached if you like to sew your own. I used glue (gasp) to attach the trim. I’ll leave that for you to affix as you desire. Please note this fits in an 8×10 frame WITH the fabric attached, the linen is too small for that on its own. The little dish shows my leftover thread after stitching this up with a sample thread pack. Lots of room for changing your mind as you play with the colors.

I have a limited number of kits with this fabric, if there is a 2nd version I will update the blog and webshop as needed.

Happy Stitching!

PS – I’m sorry but I am not divulging the thread colors used for this project, it’s my own secret blend. Feel free to refer to my blog photos for a stitching guide (color-wise only please) or do your own thing! Have fun with Purple :0)

PPS – Happy Birthday to my sister who is a year younger than me….she just turned 28, again!