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Today I want to share a couple of things I recently sewed, I just finished one of these Saturday.

First I made a beautiful totebag….I bought a beautiful kit…as totebags go it’s a basic tote bag but this fabric….! I got the kit here. I bought the ‘fabric only’ kit but there are lots of helpful, one stop options. When you get the kit, hop over to the blog post with step by step how to sew a tote! I changed a few things, I used a rotary cutter and mat rather than make a pattern and changed the dimensions of my bag slightly. I even had enough spare fabric for a small, catnip filled toy for the girls…look at Opheila’s sneaky glare!!!

The other project is called ‘Quilt as You Go Thread Catcher‘ … or fabric and other notion holder. This one was a bit trickier, I made a few mistakes because I can’t take the time to be sure I know what the instructions say…I just look at the pictures…also my short term memory is well, very short!! The directions are very clear and this is not hard to make. It would have been much easier in a tidy sewing room with dedicated cutting, sewing, and pressing stations (just like the one I have upstairs that is buried in stuff) rather than the kitchen table.

I plan to make more of both things (I need another tote bag kit, I love the choices) but in the meantime, do you have any sewing blog tutorials you recommend? Please share a link in the comments section. I have lots of fabric to use up and maybe this is one way to start cleaning out the sewing room!!


Limited Edition Project Bag





These are only available at the webshop. I’ve received several reservations so as of this moment (Monday afternoon 8/22 fewer than 25 are available)

Great for keeping and carrying your seasonal projects..cute and handy! This is a roomy bag and nicely padded. Watch for other bags for the season and some one of a kind offerings as well at the new section of the website dedicated to project bags. You can also take a ‘video tour‘ of these fun bags at my Instagram page!


models and pattern writing…








It’s exciting to see some of the things I’ve been working on become available to stitchers and now to those who sew as well! I’ve been model stitching and finishing the ABC Samplers series for Little House Needleworks. I love these little houses and the third in the series will be out next week! I’ve finished up the first six at this point and I have to say each one is just beautiful – because the patterns are so sweet. You can finish these as little pillows for a bowl or shelf or as one large sampler on a single cut of linen…

Something new from Little House, and new for me too! I’ve written a pattern for making a large quilt block of the Little House Logo House. It includes directions for finishing as a tote. I’ve made two totes at this point and I’ve almost finished one as a wall hanging also. I will blog some sewing tips once the pattern has had time to be read and fabric rounded up by those planning to make one. I would like to say, this is my first serious venture into pattern writing. As you can see I had to just park myself for a good while with my sewing machine and computer…things got a bit cluttered and messy in the process. I know there are many styles of quilt block construction, I hope you will find the process I chose enjoyable and be kind if you feel you know a better way.

Happy Stitching & Sewing!!


March goes flying by!







I know I said I’d be back, and I meant to be, sooner….we’ll just pretend we chatted yesterday and move along…

It’s been a mostly Spring-like month here, we had about 9 inches of snow last week but zoomed right back to the 60s and 70s. Yesterday we had a whopping 18 or more inches come floating down upon us in a very short length of time. I’m glad to say our nice summer shade tree survived, not all my neighbors were so lucky. We have tree limbs down all over town and power out in many places but we did very nicely here. We had a nice melty day but more snow tomorrow!?

In the sewing room I’ve been busy making things and shipping them out. Here are few things I’ve made for our house…Ethan and I have embarked on a project together. We are making a Minecraft Quilt. You can find the patterns here. We have the first six blocks finished and the first thing I’m asked in the morning is…Can we make another block today! I’m using Moda Grunge fabrics for our project.

I’ve also been creating little quilt squares with pretty fabric in an effort to improve my sewing skills. I’ve sewn a lot, for a lot of years, but you can always use practice and pretty things I say!

A couple of recipes to recommend. For St. Patrick’s Day I made a very nice dinner, I impressed myself with this one. I don’t care for boiled corned beef and like to bake mine. I followed this recipe. Also these potatoes were amazing with it. I just sauteed some cabbage because you must have cabbage…it was delicious too! Last night I made Perfect Chicken Florentine…it was pretty darn near…I used fresh spinach which is delicious, I don’t know how it can quite be perfect with frozen!

In case you don’t see me before then….I wish you a very Happy Easter! He is Risen!



PS… I bought some fabric and a new purse and love how they look together!
PPS….Jane says Hi! Yzma and Ophelia are well and happy too.

I did it!










I bought a new sewing machine! I’ve been dreaming of a fancier second machine for a while now. There are some amazing machines out there, most are beyond my budget and desire to pay cash. I am really pleased with the machine I was able to get! It actually isn’t the one I was looking at (it’s the same brand) but I was in the right place at the right time for an excellent deal on this one which actually has a few features the other didn’t!

I’m practicing free motion quilting (I have a long way to go) but luckily I have lots of unfinished quilt tops to practice on. I’ve even quilted my finger! It’s a painful way to learn how powerful your sewing machine is! I also made a new little pillow that I love!

It will be wonderful to be able to work on several projects at the same time … When I’m in the middle of a large batch of something I sometimes have to shift gears for a special order and it’s not always easy to do so. Now I can keep things set up on the big machine and zip the other up on my new one!

I have sooo many sewing plans swirling in my head!


PS – I bought my new machine at Sew-Vac of Boulder

PPS – photo of Aurifil thread is strictly gratuitous, I’m sorry these pictures are so grey, it was a rainy week when I took these, we could use a week like that now!!

PPPS – Quilt details….Mug Quilt is from the book Quilty Fun (I moified the mug size however) Tulip Quilt is from Quilting in the Rain and the House Quilt is from EllisandHiggs

Union Jack pattern is here.

Some new things and about me…







I’ve updated the ‘Featured’ page with a few new goodies, this beautiful thread pack…with free design and some awesome quilt books, also some new take along project bags..Love Them, these are also at my Etsy shop! You can also find a ‘Destash’ page at the web shop, it’s just time!!

I’ve started a new quilt, I’ve gotten some new goodies in the mail (Aurifil thread) and I’ve made a new star and bought an herb plant. As you can see the clematis on my back balcony is also in full bloom!

Some backordered fabric has finally become available…hooray! Keep an eye out for two new things from Impie, Hattie, & Bea!


If you’d like to know a little more about me, I was recently interviewed for a new magazine, you can read the article here.


Pretty threads!




photo (55)

photo 1 (28)

I love this set of threads from Classic Colorworks! This is one of their starter sets, they have several, this one is called Simply Beautiful and it really is! I have listed these at the webshop!

Recently I pulled some pretty threads together and renewed an old hobby. I do mean old! I leaned to embroider when I was six and it has truly been ages since I’ve done any. I’ve listed these at my Etsy Shop if you’d like a little sweet smelling pincushion/sachet of your own.

I’ll also be listing some zippered, patchwork notion pouches soon!

Happy Thursday!


More from the sewing room

photo 4 (11)

photo 4 (12)

photo 2 (31)

photo 3 (23)

photo 2 (32)

photo 5 (8)

I’ve been keeping my sewing machine buzzing lately. This is a very good thing because I’m in need of a new machine. I love my heavy duty machine but just going forward and backward with a straight stitch is limiting at times. I have a nice portable smaller mechanical machine too but I need/want something with a few more bells and whistles that is somewhat heavy duty! I have my eye on a Janome Memory Craft 6300.

Some News regarding Impie, Hattie & Bea products….

I’ve just sewn up the final batch of Rose Sampler Workbooks in the current fabrics. These fabrics are no longer available and I’ve exhausted my supply. A small batch is shipping to Hoffmans and I have about 10 left at the webshop. I am looking for suitable fabric for Version 2!

I’ve sent a batch of Herb Garden Pocketbooks to Hoffmans and have another batch ready to ship to them as well. The first batch arrived there yesterday but aren’t listed in the catalog yet, so they will probably be in next Friday’s (April 10) update. These are also at the webshop.

I’ve also been making Love Letter Pockets, Patriotic Pockets, Scissor Beds and Pin Pillows….and a few other things!

Spring is trying to appear here, today we woke up to several inches of snow but it’s melting quickly. I also finished up this adorable knitted tea cozy for my little yellow teapot. The pattern is from Churchmouse Yarns – I omitted the cables on mine.


At the webshop, Etsy too!

photo 3 (14)

photo 1 (19)

photo 2 (22)

photo 4 (9)


I’ve added a new cross-stitch kit to the webshop and a few fun things to Etsy too. You can always find the links by clicking ‘website’ on the black box on the top right of my blog here (on a computer screen) I’m trying to get my blog to be more friendly for phones, it’s a work in progress!

Along with the new stitching kit – over at Etsy I’ve added some georgeous fabric, with some of my layer cake I’ve make a great table runner using this pattern. There’s a handy quilt ruler, I have one that is been put to good use along with my other new workroom tools – new year, new tools! There are a few Impie, Hattie & Bea things and even some knitting needles!

Happy Friday!


Sewing Machine Try Outs…

I have a great sewing machine, to date I’ve sewn approximately 6,500 (low estimate) items for Impie, Hattie & Bea on that machine. It’s goes forward and backward, very quickly and runs great for hours. Here it is…



It’s a big machine, very big. It stays in one spot. I’ve been trying to do some free motion quilting on it but it’s not going well, I’m frustrated!

I’ve wanted a second machine for quite a while, I had one for a bit but gave it to my daughter. Another Janome, another nice machine the Thread Banger 12. Still pretty basic and hardworking. Sturdy construction. I have it here right now giving it a bit of a tune up for Amber. I’ve decided it’s not what I want for my second machine.



On Thanksgiving I came across a great sale online and picked up a Brother CE4400 for half price and free shipping. It’s my first electronic machine. I’ve used it some, it’s does some nice decorative stitches and I’ve finished 2 small quilts on it. I don’t care to use it for piecing however so it’s a temporary second machine and does a few fancy things….but it’s not my dream machine!




My dream machine is…just that, dreamy, and completely beyond my means….just lately I’ve had my eye on the Bernina 380.

bernina 380 med


Tell me, what is your dream machine? What is your real machine, what do you love about it? What can you do with it? I’d love lots of input from sewers about their machines to help me find something just right!