Candle Maker








It seems like I’ve spent a big part of 2019 under the weather. Flu in February, strep throat at the end of March, then a lingering fever and fatigue with no apparent cause. I’m happy to say that I’ve been fever free for 3 days now and have a looong ‘to do’ list that I’ve started to tackle.

I did stitch and finish up the Glitter Village series from Country Cottage Needleworks during this time too. I’ve also been slowly updating the look and inventory at the webshop. My computer skills had gotten a bit rusty I admit but it’s kind of fun to figure this stuff out again, usually. I’ve also started lots of seedlings for my balcony garden, it will be another month before we can safely plant outdoors here.

Another thing I’ve been busy with is creating a line of soy tealight candles for the webshop. The first two sets are available now. They are limited editions and will go out of stock as new ones are introduced. You can see the Mother’s Day and Spring Candle Collections here! I have several other collections planned. I love making these and use them here at home for extra coziness! They smell amazing and are made from 100% American grown soy. there’s more info about the the fragrances at the webshop.

Happy Spring (about a month late) ;0)

Limited Edition Project Bag





These are only available at the webshop. I’ve received several reservations so as of this moment (Monday afternoon 8/22 fewer than 25 are available)

Great for keeping and carrying your seasonal projects..cute and handy! This is a roomy bag and nicely padded. Watch for other bags for the season and some one of a kind offerings as well at the new section of the website dedicated to project bags. You can also take a ‘video tour‘ of these fun bags at my Instagram page!


models and pattern writing…








It’s exciting to see some of the things I’ve been working on become available to stitchers and now to those who sew as well! I’ve been model stitching and finishing the ABC Samplers series for Little House Needleworks. I love these little houses and the third in the series will be out next week! I’ve finished up the first six at this point and I have to say each one is just beautiful – because the patterns are so sweet. You can finish these as little pillows for a bowl or shelf or as one large sampler on a single cut of linen…

Something new from Little House, and new for me too! I’ve written a pattern for making a large quilt block of the Little House Logo House. It includes directions for finishing as a tote. I’ve made two totes at this point and I’ve almost finished one as a wall hanging also. I will blog some sewing tips once the pattern has had time to be read and fabric rounded up by those planning to make one. I would like to say, this is my first serious venture into pattern writing. As you can see I had to just park myself for a good while with my sewing machine and computer…things got a bit cluttered and messy in the process. I know there are many styles of quilt block construction, I hope you will find the process I chose enjoyable and be kind if you feel you know a better way.

Happy Stitching & Sewing!!


Autumn Stitching






I’ve done a bit of Fall stitching and finishing and pulled out my little finished bits for the season from years past.

Most of these can be found on the ‘Featured‘ page at the webshop. One is retired (the more detailed Prairie Schooler that says Autumn at the bottom). There are two Little House Needlework projects in the picture taken on my kitchen table. One is brand new and one is from the Novermber/December thread pack, I changed the word to ‘Autumn’. The larger project that says ‘Pumpkins’ is a Memorial Sampler, for a fellow stitcher who loved pumpkins.

I’ve put out some real pumpkins, a squirrel is gnawing on the small orange one as I type this…I also made a little fabric pumpkin based on the pattern you can find here. ‘Halloween Night’ was sent to my sister, here it is at her house, she’s very creative with her chalkboard!



I’ve also been enjoying some festive Fall cocoa during the chilly evenings!

Wishing you a happy week!


Schoolgirl Needle Tablet…NEW!!





As I mentioned I’ve had something new in the works.  For a while now I’ve been thinking I’d like a handy something to store an assortment of pins and needles, and a few other things.  This little Needle Tablet does the trick.

With a handy ring for scissors or threads, or even a pack of buttons or needles, and two large wool felt pages for everything else.  I even have some stitch markers for knitting pinned in there.

I used Little House Needleworks Schoolgirl Lessons (with permission as always) as my inspiration for this new product from Impie, Hattie & Bea.  It’s available at the website now.

I hope Autumn has been lovely for those whose seasons are on a similar schedule and I see from my Instagram feed that some are enjoying Spring, that looks nice too!

Back to the sewing room!  Happy Stitching :0)

Something New!





I hope you will like the new Sweet Rose Hanging Pocket. I used a third Classic Colorworks thread for the green stitching. Two come with the free design. I stitched this on 32 count linen. The hanging pocket can be hung in any useful spot, I used a Command Strip hook which come in lots of sizes and styles. I just used a basic one I had on hand. The pocket has a little needle keeper attached by ribbon with some sweet decorative stitching done on my new machine! If you wanted, you could attach your stitched piece to the other side of the pocket and add a button if you don’t care to hang your pocket.

I have another pocket in the works for the Calender Girls! Stay tuned!

I’ve listed these at the webshop, I’ll let you know when they become availbable through Hoffmans.

Happy Stitching!

PS –

I have lots of Prairie Schooler sets ready to ship, the price is slightly reduced to help you save a bit on shipping, click the image bleow.


NEW Prairie Schoolers!

I hope you enjoyed the wildflowers this week. Now I hope you will enjoy these new designs! It is a sad day that these will be the last, Prairie Schooler has given us wonderful designs for 31 years now, I congratulate them on their well earned retirement but they will be missed!!

Here they are!!







You can find these at the Webshop!


PS….I’ve also added some yummy fabrics to my Etsy shop!!


Wildflower wrap up







Thanks for stopping by this week! On this last day I’ll share one more picture of Sprague Lake and a new bird (for my life list) I photographed while there.

I expect the new Prairie Schooler designs later today!! I’ll be sure to post pictures right away!


A week of wildflowers




Jerry and I took a drive to drink in the wildflowers yesterday. It was a perfect afternoon! I thought I’d share a few pictures from our outing each day this week. I reserve the right to interrupt this plan with pictures of new releases (from Impie, Hattie & Bea) and new patterns (from Prairie Schooler).

Wishing you a beautiful week!


Some new things and about me…







I’ve updated the ‘Featured’ page with a few new goodies, this beautiful thread pack…with free design and some awesome quilt books, also some new take along project bags..Love Them, these are also at my Etsy shop! You can also find a ‘Destash’ page at the web shop, it’s just time!!

I’ve started a new quilt, I’ve gotten some new goodies in the mail (Aurifil thread) and I’ve made a new star and bought an herb plant. As you can see the clematis on my back balcony is also in full bloom!

Some backordered fabric has finally become available…hooray! Keep an eye out for two new things from Impie, Hattie, & Bea!


If you’d like to know a little more about me, I was recently interviewed for a new magazine, you can read the article here.


Bright Colors










Just a few random colorful things!

I made a ‘Summer’ banner on my Zoom Loom. This one is actually for display at the local yarn shop. I love the colors! I’m planning another for myself with a patriotic theme. I added some more flowers to my balcony garden, these lavender petunias glow.

Bright at the webshop… The Bright Colors Starter Set from Classic Colorworks that is. The colors are yummy!

We took a picnic to a nearby nature center and I was fortunate enough to photograph a bird I’d never seen before..Yellow Headed Blackbird, he also made the most amazing sounds! Here’s a bird in my own back yard as well, I love red winged blackbirds…I may have mentioned this, a few times.

Also in my own back yard….the first tomato has been sighted!!!