Rocky Mountain Wednesdays







Well, we finally did it! Bought a new car. The last 2 years have been a series of regular breakdowns and costly repairs, but we continued to feel it was the right option regarding my 12 year old jalopy. Then the squirrels moved in.

I’ve mentioned I had back to back flu and then strep throat earlier this year. My car didn’t get driven for about 3 weeks. Mamma squirrel built a lovely 3 room nest and had babies during that time, completely destroying the fluid and electrical system of the engine along with removing several important supporting clips and covers. We are still waiting to get a total on the damage for the insurance (thankfully we had coverage) but we also purchased a new vehicle.

Long story to say, we took my new car to Rocky Mountain National park…and I took pictures!

Happy Wednesday!

at the lake










E has been gone to Summer camp this past week. J and I took a spur of the moment trip to a state park quite a distance east of us.

There are very few beaches in Colorado. Growing up in Michigan you tend to take going to the beach for granted. I miss the waves and birds often. It was nice to sit and watch pelicans and knit the afternoon away. I got another stamp in my Colorado Start Park passport too!

I’ll blog more about my Summer kitting in a few days. I was working on a scarf in this pattern while we were there.

Summer is flying by!! Does it feel like that to you?


Sun and Snow







We had a lovely warm weekend and then a bunch of snow.

We had planned to rearrange bookcases and dressers through the house because we bought some new ones to replace things that are truly worn out. Instead we ran away to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy the snow there. We didn’t have any snow at our house at the time but that has changed.

I took the picture of the iridescent cloud on Sunday while enjoying coffee and the the 67 degree weather on our back deck.

Today it’s 12 and I took this picture of a bird talking to the bird feeder, through the window!


Dusting things off….









Yep I’m still here. Its taken me several hours over two days to be able to re-learn how to get pictures from my camera to my computer (months and months of pictures)…resize and upload them and I now I hope to be able to post them here. I won’t go into details about trying to get back onto my blog when I couldn’t even remember how to find the log in page!

I’ve been thinking about this poor neglected blog a lot lately. I really miss taking pictures because I plan to share them, and planning little posts to put here. At the moment I’m trying to remember how I had time to do this regularly…it seems like that was someone else’s life. I’m not making any promises but I want to spend time doing things here a few times a week.

I’ve had several people ask about my webshop. It too is something I had and still have hopes of bringing back to life. I have a thought of aiming for April to kick things off there officially…this will be the place for updates. That it written in pencil for now.

I’m sharing just a few pictures today that caught my eye as I was clicking through nearly 2,000 pictures I imported from my camera. My hand actually went numb from clicking for so long. I discovered that something went wrong internally sometime in December so I need to take my camera in for a check up but I still have a LOT of pictures that aren’t too bad. These are unedited snaps I took in September and November.

At this point, our parents are doing quite well. I had gone to Michigan for a month last Spring to be on hand while Jerry’s dad recovered from a mild stroke. He’s had another since but again recovered quite well. He has since acquired a motorcycle and a puppy…

Our kids are doing very well and healthy also, we feel truly blessed.

I’ll be back with crafty things soon!!


A change in plans…






Well Winter Break was very good and I turned the webshop back on … and found out I was locked out of my blog!! I’ve obviously fixed that but only to tell you that another (unexpected) break is ensuing.

I’m hopping on a flight tomorrow to spend time with close family while they recover from some unexpected health issues. At this point I’m not sure when I’ll be home and I won’t have a computer with me while I’m gone.

So, Hello…Goodbye, for now. Here are some pretty pictures I took today.

PS … prayers are appreciated and….I’d love to keep in touch with you over at Instagram!!

Winter Scene








Loooong time no blog! I know, I know. I’ve even had a few emails checking on me (so sweet) and asking when I’ll get back to blogging…today..finally!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving, Amber cooked. Christmas was lovely. We’ve had birthdays and an anniversary. I’ve been dealing with some very minor but annoying health issues related to low iron and eye trouble, but overall keeping very well with the rest of my family. It seems like a lot has happened in these past three months! Nearly all of it good!

Yesterday J & I took a quiet drive. It was grey and chilly, a big snow storm was moving in. Birds were scurrying about and we even spotted a coyote.

I’ll try to do better..that’s a promise. I’m pretty active daily over at Instagram if you’re on there, it is slightly to blame for my lack of blog posts…


Fall Color Drive








Long time no blog! We didn’t want to miss out on the beautiful Autumn colors happening, I’m glad to share them with you.

I’ve been sewing, and sewing, and doing a bit more sewing. I should have something new to show you very soon!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Wildflower wrap up








Thanks for stopping by this week! On this last day I’ll share one more picture of Sprague Lake and a new bird (for my life list) I photographed while there.

I expect the new Prairie Schooler designs later today!! I’ll be sure to post pictures right away!


A week of wildflowers





Jerry and I took a drive to drink in the wildflowers yesterday. It was a perfect afternoon! I thought I’d share a few pictures from our outing each day this week. I reserve the right to interrupt this plan with pictures of new releases (from Impie, Hattie & Bea) and new patterns (from Prairie Schooler).

Wishing you a beautiful week!