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I’m attempting to spend August getting reacquainted with my blog and blogging, so here we go!

I spent a good part of Spring planting hundreds of little pots of herbs and flowers, in the sewing room. It’s been fun to see what blooms and grows on the balcony. This summer I’m squeezing herbs in everywhere. I love the smells and the greenery. Some I’m pinching off the flowers to keep the herbs nice for cooking others I’m allowing to bloom. I have basils, thymes, rosemary, marjoram, chervil, chives, mints, sages, and oregenos everywhere. in between I’ve scattered violas and chamomile, zinnias, hyssop, forget-me-nots, pansies, sunflowers….all grown from seed. I did buy some of my herbs but many were also started from seed.

I’m also growing two edibles I’ve never had before, cucamelons and ground cherries!

I hope you enjoy these pictures I took just a few minutes ago..except for the bird, I took that a few days ago.

I did it!











I bought a new sewing machine! I’ve been dreaming of a fancier second machine for a while now. There are some amazing machines out there, most are beyond my budget and desire to pay cash. I am really pleased with the machine I was able to get! It actually isn’t the one I was looking at (it’s the same brand) but I was in the right place at the right time for an excellent deal on this one which actually has a few features the other didn’t!

I’m practicing free motion quilting (I have a long way to go) but luckily I have lots of unfinished quilt tops to practice on. I’ve even quilted my finger! It’s a painful way to learn how powerful your sewing machine is! I also made a new little pillow that I love!

It will be wonderful to be able to work on several projects at the same time … When I’m in the middle of a large batch of something I sometimes have to shift gears for a special order and it’s not always easy to do so. Now I can keep things set up on the big machine and zip the other up on my new one!

I have sooo many sewing plans swirling in my head!


PS – I bought my new machine at Sew-Vac of Boulder

PPS – photo of Aurifil thread is strictly gratuitous, I’m sorry these pictures are so grey, it was a rainy week when I took these, we could use a week like that now!!

PPPS – Quilt details….Mug Quilt is from the book Quilty Fun (I moified the mug size however) Tulip Quilt is from Quilting in the Rain and the House Quilt is from EllisandHiggs

Union Jack pattern is here.

Something New!






I hope you will like the new Sweet Rose Hanging Pocket. I used a third Classic Colorworks thread for the green stitching. Two come with the free design. I stitched this on 32 count linen. The hanging pocket can be hung in any useful spot, I used a Command Strip hook which come in lots of sizes and styles. I just used a basic one I had on hand. The pocket has a little needle keeper attached by ribbon with some sweet decorative stitching done on my new machine! If you wanted, you could attach your stitched piece to the other side of the pocket and add a button if you don’t care to hang your pocket.

I have another pocket in the works for the Calender Girls! Stay tuned!

I’ve listed these at the webshop, I’ll let you know when they become availbable through Hoffmans.

Happy Stitching!

PS –

I have lots of Prairie Schooler sets ready to ship, the price is slightly reduced to help you save a bit on shipping, click the image bleow.


Some new things and about me…








I’ve updated the ‘Featured’ page with a few new goodies, this beautiful thread pack…with free design and some awesome quilt books, also some new take along project bags..Love Them, these are also at my Etsy shop! You can also find a ‘Destash’ page at the web shop, it’s just time!!

I’ve started a new quilt, I’ve gotten some new goodies in the mail (Aurifil thread) and I’ve made a new star and bought an herb plant. As you can see the clematis on my back balcony is also in full bloom!

Some backordered fabric has finally become available…hooray! Keep an eye out for two new things from Impie, Hattie, & Bea!


If you’d like to know a little more about me, I was recently interviewed for a new magazine, you can read the article here.


A Friday Finish & More











I’ve been pretty busy here lately. Well, crazy busy actually. I have new things in the works in the sewing room, orders being sewn and models being stitched. Here are a few things I can show you today!

A quick and sweet project from Lizzie Kate..Today Chose Joy. This is a bright spot in my kitchen. I’ve also stitched and finished this new thread pack from Little House and Classic Colorworks…Land of the Free. You can find both of these on the ‘Featured’ page at the webshop.

I also painted up a couple little bird houses for my balcony garden. I bought these at Joann’s and used paint I had on hand. This was a fun $3 poject and if it ever stops raining here, it will be nice to see them with my herbs and flowers.

A long term project I’ve been working on is making over fashion dolls into something much more realistic. I was completely inspired by Tree Change Dolls. There are DIY video links there if you want to make your own. I’ve only finished one so far, her name is Hattie, she has lots of friends waiting for their turn. I have another in the works but we’ve only progressed to the face cleaning and wardrobe phase so far.

A bit of cooking…for lunch today I fried up some white corn tortillas and we make tostadas. These disappeared in about a minute and the boys already want to know when I’ll make them again. I just used what we hand on hand but you could get pretty fancy with the toppings!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you soon with more news from the Sewing Room!


Herb Garden Pocketbook from Impie, Hattie & Bea







Now at the webshop, I’ll update you soon regarding availability through Hoffmans.

I’ve wanted to get this out to you for a while now but my plans and reality aren’t often in sync. I hope you like this as much as I do. I loved stitching this sweet design from Little House Needleworks and think the fabric is really beautiful. This little pocketbook has a snap closure and decorative button, it will keep your needles and threads handy. I love this design so much I kept on stitching and made a little sachet for myself at the same time! Both are stitched on 32 count lambswool linen. I did use a few extra shades of purple DMC while stitching.


Also at the webshop, some great bundles of designs at great prices…in fact I’ve taken an additonal 20% off these prices. The bundles are one of a kind so don’t wait too long.

Happy Stitching!


PS – we had a dusting of snow last week, here are the last few herbs from my own herb garden…Autumn has arrived in my part of the world!

still here!








Summer has been nicely busy and the days are flying by. We’ve done the fair, had a visit from the Grandparents, child # 3 is gearing up for college and I’ve been super busy in the sewing room. Jerry has some vacation time coming up and I cannot wait! Here are just a few recent images…lots more at instagram!


PS – something new from Impie, Hattie & Bea is on the way!

Happy 4th!







I’ve been working on a new batch of Patriotic Pockets this week, seem just right considering the date. I stitched up another design to feature with this product as well. As soon as I saw the new Old Glory design from Little House I couldn’t wait to see it on a pocket. I’m sharing it with you here. I think it’s a nice fit. I’ve also decided to have a little sale in honor of the occasion. I’m taking $4 off a few July 4th themed Impie, Hattie & Bea items when purchased with design at the webshop! You can find the details here!

I was inspired by several things to make a little bunting – using some Patriotic Pocket scraps – for my herb basket, I think they are very festive and pretty too. I wanted to make buntings for everything but controlled myself. Maybe I’ll make some in the future to offer through the webshop if there’s an interest…I’ll put it on my someday list in any case.

I made a batch of something else today for the holiday – cherry blueberry scones! They are quite yummy. I used this recipe and just added some fresh fruit at the end before kneading. I also used half & half in place of milk.

We a fortunate enough to see some of the best fireworks in our county out of our back windows. So Jerry got to work giving them a good wash this morning. Here he is perching on a second story window ledge….they looked great but it’s pouring rain at the moment. Not sure what that means for the windows or the fireworks!

Hope you have a day filled with good things, Happy 4th!



The sale prices are in effect through Monday!

from the sewing room







It’s been a pretty full week of sewing here. I did cut some flowers from my garden and knit a bit, using some of the knit markers I made…obsessively!

This lot of IH&B goodies has been shipped and will arrive at Hoffmans on Monday, more sewing is in the works so next you hear from me it will be from the sewing room again!


cakes and bobbles








I made up a tiny little batch of Russian Tea Cakes last night. I used this good old reliable recipe. I don’t know about tea but I love these with coffee. I usually don’t have sweets with tea for some reason.

In other news…

I leaned how to knit a bobble last night, I’m about to start an Agatha Christie book I’ve not read before, I’m growing a sweet potato vine, and it’s raining.

Happy Tuesday!


1 tiny zucchini!










I’ve got one! A tiny one!

Actually I don’t even have a picture of it. I decided to let my Russian Sage take over that part of the garden because the bees were so happy with the purple flowered monster that smothered everything else growing there. Yes I have hundreds of bees buzzing in the hedges this summer. No one has been stung and all the mosquito spraying our city has done seems to have had no bad effects – I can’t imagine more bees than we have already.

Yesterday while out watering I decided to poke around and I found a tiny squash. There are several flowers on the plant so I may see more yet. Also a volunteer sunflower (from the birdseed I suspect) and one of the other patches of morning glory seeds I planted are growing pretty well behind that purple jungle!

There aren’t many actual flowers left for the bees but they are making the most of them. Summer is fading.


Sorry there are so many pictures in this post. I simply cannot make decisions on Saturday!