Camera + Garden







I took my camera out to the balcony garden this afternoon. I was hoping for a butterfly but they came and went faster than my shutter finger! I’ve added a fountain this year, I used a super clearance ceramic dish I happened upon this winter and this solar water pump! It needs some adjusting to keep the water from splashing out too much but I have a plan! Go pollinators!! Happy Summer!

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Sun and Snow







We had a lovely warm weekend and then a bunch of snow.

We had planned to rearrange bookcases and dressers through the house because we bought some new ones to replace things that are truly worn out. Instead we ran away to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy the snow there. We didn’t have any snow at our house at the time but that has changed.

I took the picture of the iridescent cloud on Sunday while enjoying coffee and the the 67 degree weather on our back deck.

Today it’s 12 and I took this picture of a bird talking to the bird feeder, through the window!


Looking back at Christmas


photo 2 (19)

photo 1 (18)

photo 1 (16)

photo (46)

photo 4 (8)

photo 1 (17)

photo 2 (18)

photo 3 (11)


Christmas was so very nice this year. Somewhat quiet, a little rushed, spread out over several days, but highly enjoyed by all, and we had snow. Sharing a few pictures (quite a few actaully) I hope you’ll enjoy.

I’m not one for resolutions but I do plan to get back to blogging on a more regular basis – I thank you for visiting me here, truly!

Hoping 2015 has been wonderful to you so far! :0)

photo (45)

PS – I posted a No Sew Knitted Gift Bag tutorial/knit-along over the holidays, search hashtag – #nosewknittedgiftbag on Instagram :0)

Christmas Decorating









Decorating is a bit of an ongoing process for me. I continue to add and move things around right up to the big day. I also preview a few recipes as the month goes on and then bake my favorites again for some fresh goodies on Christmas.

New items this Christmas…A knitted star garland using this pattern, I knitted a few stars last year but finally got it finished this year after some instagram inspiration! A new quilted mat for the table, it’s hidden by some Christmas sweets. And a pretty ornament from the 2014 JCS ornie issue.

Wishing you Happy Holidays!!


Autumn crafting








Today’s walk gave way to weather and Autumn allergies that are beginning to make me wheeze. I hope to be able to go on an afternoon walk later today!

I have been up to a little personal Autumn crafting. I finally finished stitching Pumpkin Row from Bent Creek and made a very large pillow of it. It’s a bit too large for the chairs in the sitting room so it may end up on the window sill if the cats will share the space.

I’m also knitting an Autumn throw using this pattern. I’m adding a few extra leaves as I go. I should have this finished soon hopefully as the days are slowly cooling. We are still in the high 70s here but as you can see Autumn is truly here and Winter is really just around the corner!


still here!








Summer has been nicely busy and the days are flying by. We’ve done the fair, had a visit from the Grandparents, child # 3 is gearing up for college and I’ve been super busy in the sewing room. Jerry has some vacation time coming up and I cannot wait! Here are just a few recent images…lots more at instagram!


PS – something new from Impie, Hattie & Bea is on the way!

Happy 4th!







I’ve been working on a new batch of Patriotic Pockets this week, seem just right considering the date. I stitched up another design to feature with this product as well. As soon as I saw the new Old Glory design from Little House I couldn’t wait to see it on a pocket. I’m sharing it with you here. I think it’s a nice fit. I’ve also decided to have a little sale in honor of the occasion. I’m taking $4 off a few July 4th themed Impie, Hattie & Bea items when purchased with design at the webshop! You can find the details here!

I was inspired by several things to make a little bunting – using some Patriotic Pocket scraps – for my herb basket, I think they are very festive and pretty too. I wanted to make buntings for everything but controlled myself. Maybe I’ll make some in the future to offer through the webshop if there’s an interest…I’ll put it on my someday list in any case.

I made a batch of something else today for the holiday – cherry blueberry scones! They are quite yummy. I used this recipe and just added some fresh fruit at the end before kneading. I also used half & half in place of milk.

We a fortunate enough to see some of the best fireworks in our county out of our back windows. So Jerry got to work giving them a good wash this morning. Here he is perching on a second story window ledge….they looked great but it’s pouring rain at the moment. Not sure what that means for the windows or the fireworks!

Hope you have a day filled with good things, Happy 4th!



The sale prices are in effect through Monday!

more than normal crazy…









I’m taking a slow day. A day to not rush around fretting about everything I need to be doing. Life is always a bit crazy with 4 kids, homeschooling, running a business and every day mom and homemaking things but lately things have been even more crazy.

In the past 3 weeks we celebrated child #3’s graduation and new job and our oldest two both moved. One of moved 30 miles away which was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing that took time. The other moved here with all their worldly goods for a few days between moving out of one place and into another. I’m happy to say everyone and their belongings are now settled in their own homes and things are on the way to normal here.

I’m taking today to do a few things I haven’t had much time for, like blogging. Its been ages since I baked and cookies sounded just right. Also I filled in a few gaps in the garden with some plants and seeds. I’m afraid that the lovely packet of seeds I planted to ‘Save the Bees’ only served to feed the birds…

I have been getting up a little earlier than I need to in order to knit a few minutes in the sunshine while I enjoy my morning coffee. I’ve finished up a few mini cotton projects that are all part of a Summer Cotton Knit-a-long that Tanya is sponsoring.

I need to spend the rest of this slow day in the sewing room, there’s always sewing in the works here.












I hope your Easter Sunday was blessed.

Ours was quite nice and relaxing. We went to one of the extra services at church on Saturday afternoon knowing how crowded things were bound to be at the other services. On Sunday there were eggs, candy, a few baked things and a very simple Easter dinner. We also took time to drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. As you can see we had some sun and some rain. All in all, a very sweet Easter Sunday.










This post is really about the weekend but since most of the pictures have some yarn in them….

Weekends have a whole new and wonderful feel now that Jerry is not out of town all week long. I’m happy to say he is currently on a big project in Boulder. Instead of frantically trying to squeeze everything into a few days of having him home, we can actually relax a bit and really enjoy the weekend. The weather helped that quite a bit as we had two beautiful days here. Now on to the pictures….

I did knit a teeny bit this weekend, two projects I have going are Cerus [a scarf done in linen stitch lengthwise, I’m using Malabrigo Rastita yarn in Piedras] and Gansey Scarf [I’m using MountainTop Canyon yarn in Mesquite] they are both coming along nicely. You can find more info about these at my Ravelry project page.

We headed out for what would have been a short drive if not for a mountainside traffic jam yesterday that added an hour to our drive home covering a 2 mile stretch through some of the most damaged roads from the flood. Earlier on our way out we passed this pretty tree.

Back at home Jane says hello and my chives are sprouting on the back porch!


PS I’ll be back with a new Basket Sampler that’s perfect for Spring/Easter and a few more kits for a previous offering. Happy Monday!