NEW!! Patriotic Pocket!






I’ve been keeping quite busy in the sewing room. I’m excited to show you something new! And I’ll let you in on another secret….it’s not the only new thing I’ve been working on!

First things first. This is the all new Patriotic Pocket. The stitched design is by Midnight Stitching and is called Patriotic Letters. Your local shop can order these through Hoffman Distributing, they should be there tomorrow. Norden Crafts also carries the Patriotic Letters design.

The pocket holds a half sheet sized pattern and of course will keep your threads and scissors for you. There is a little bead on the closure that will keep your pocket closed but allows it to pop right open for your when you lift the flap. I love the bold prints and colors, I hope you will too. It’s also a quick and enjoyable stitch.

I’ve added these to the webshop just in case you can’t find one at your own favorite shop.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for my other new project(s) coming soon!!


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