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I’ve updated the ‘Featured’ page with a few new goodies, this beautiful thread pack…with free design and some awesome quilt books, also some new take along project bags..Love Them, these are also at my Etsy shop! You can also find a ‘Destash’ page at the web shop, it’s just time!!

I’ve started a new quilt, I’ve gotten some new goodies in the mail (Aurifil thread) and I’ve made a new star and bought an herb plant. As you can see the clematis on my back balcony is also in full bloom!

Some backordered fabric has finally become available…hooray! Keep an eye out for two new things from Impie, Hattie, & Bea!


If you’d like to know a little more about me, I was recently interviewed for a new magazine, you can read the article here.


12 thoughts on “Some new things and about me…

  1. hi. Lovely things as always on your blog. I have a question tho, I’ve been watching for Spring Prairie Schooler releases and haven’t seen any yet. Do you know when something new is coming?

    1. Hi Melody,

      I emailed with Nancy at PS back in March, they decided not to do Spring releases this year but said there would be new designs in late June or early July….any day now! :0)

  2. Love everything! What is that blue “metal clippy” thing on the fabric? Where did you find it!!! I really enjoyed (as you know) reading about you in the magazine!! Oh, and where again is the pattern for that star?

    Linda in VA

  3. That is a very lovely article, thanks for sharing. I agree with what you say about faith. It was lovely to see all those pictures of the family as well. Your Rocky Mountain photos have inspired me for years and I hope that one day I can visit Colorado as it looks so beautiful.

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