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I bought a new sewing machine! I’ve been dreaming of a fancier second machine for a while now. There are some amazing machines out there, most are beyond my budget and desire to pay cash. I am really pleased with the machine I was able to get! It actually isn’t the one I was looking at (it’s the same brand) but I was in the right place at the right time for an excellent deal on this one which actually has a few features the other didn’t!

I’m practicing free motion quilting (I have a long way to go) but luckily I have lots of unfinished quilt tops to practice on. I’ve even quilted my finger! It’s a painful way to learn how powerful your sewing machine is! I also made a new little pillow that I love!

It will be wonderful to be able to work on several projects at the same time … When I’m in the middle of a large batch of something I sometimes have to shift gears for a special order and it’s not always easy to do so. Now I can keep things set up on the big machine and zip the other up on my new one!

I have sooo many sewing plans swirling in my head!


PS – I bought my new machine at Sew-Vac of Boulder

PPS – photo of Aurifil thread is strictly gratuitous, I’m sorry these pictures are so grey, it was a rainy week when I took these, we could use a week like that now!!

PPPS – Quilt details….Mug Quilt is from the book Quilty Fun (I moified the mug size however) Tulip Quilt is from Quilting in the Rain and the House Quilt is from EllisandHiggs

Union Jack pattern is here.

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  1. Excellent – love the mug quilt and I am in awe of your Aurifil stash, I have a few spools given as a freebie by my LQS and love it. I have just got a new machine as well this week, impulse purchase as the old one was on its last legs and I love it!

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