March goes flying by!







I know I said I’d be back, and I meant to be, sooner….we’ll just pretend we chatted yesterday and move along…

It’s been a mostly Spring-like month here, we had about 9 inches of snow last week but zoomed right back to the 60s and 70s. Yesterday we had a whopping 18 or more inches come floating down upon us in a very short length of time. I’m glad to say our nice summer shade tree survived, not all my neighbors were so lucky. We have tree limbs down all over town and power out in many places but we did very nicely here. We had a nice melty day but more snow tomorrow!?

In the sewing room I’ve been busy making things and shipping them out. Here are few things I’ve made for our house…Ethan and I have embarked on a project together. We are making a Minecraft Quilt. You can find the patterns here. We have the first six blocks finished and the first thing I’m asked in the morning is…Can we make another block today! I’m using Moda Grunge fabrics for our project.

I’ve also been creating little quilt squares with pretty fabric in an effort to improve my sewing skills. I’ve sewn a lot, for a lot of years, but you can always use practice and pretty things I say!

A couple of recipes to recommend. For St. Patrick’s Day I made a very nice dinner, I impressed myself with this one. I don’t care for boiled corned beef and like to bake mine. I followed this recipe. Also these potatoes were amazing with it. I just sauteed some cabbage because you must have cabbage…it was delicious too! Last night I made Perfect Chicken Florentine…it was pretty darn near…I used fresh spinach which is delicious, I don’t know how it can quite be perfect with frozen!

In case you don’t see me before then….I wish you a very Happy Easter! He is Risen!



PS… I bought some fabric and a new purse and love how they look together!
PPS….Jane says Hi! Yzma and Ophelia are well and happy too.


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