I crochet..along







Not long ago I realized I’ve been crocheting wrong, my whole life! I was pretty put out about it! It all has to do with how you wrap those yarn overs.. I knit more than I crochet so I wasn’t too worried about it, at least not on a daily basis…but it bothered me. Could I relearn to do something that you do really without thinking…? You might remember this project….crocheted completely WRONG (and still not finished)!!

Earlier this summer the perfect solution presented itself. My local yarn shop was sponsoring a crochetalong!! The project is a nice big granny squares blanket! You can find the pattern on Ravelry (Big Bad Granny, Classic Elite Yarns). I’m using the called for Liberty Wool Print Colors, and Malabrigo for the black and grey. I’m also using a different method to join my squares than what is written in the pattern. I learned how here!

I have two more squares to go. I’ll need to buy one more ball of Liberty Wool but I’m waiting to see all my squares together before I decide on what color I’ll buy..It’s coming along and yes an old dog can learn new tricks I’m happy to say…now to decide what to do about that other blanket..


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