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It’s exciting to see some of the things I’ve been working on become available to stitchers and now to those who sew as well! I’ve been model stitching and finishing the ABC Samplers series for Little House Needleworks. I love these little houses and the third in the series will be out next week! I’ve finished up the first six at this point and I have to say each one is just beautiful – because the patterns are so sweet. You can finish these as little pillows for a bowl or shelf or as one large sampler on a single cut of linen…

Something new from Little House, and new for me too! I’ve written a pattern for making a large quilt block of the Little House Logo House. It includes directions for finishing as a tote. I’ve made two totes at this point and I’ve almost finished one as a wall hanging also. I will blog some sewing tips once the pattern has had time to be read and fabric rounded up by those planning to make one. I would like to say, this is my first serious venture into pattern writing. As you can see I had to just park myself for a good while with my sewing machine and computer…things got a bit cluttered and messy in the process. I know there are many styles of quilt block construction, I hope you will find the process I chose enjoyable and be kind if you feel you know a better way.

Happy Stitching & Sewing!!



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