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Yep I’m still here. Its taken me several hours over two days to be able to re-learn how to get pictures from my camera to my computer (months and months of pictures)…resize and upload them and I now I hope to be able to post them here. I won’t go into details about trying to get back onto my blog when I couldn’t even remember how to find the log in page!

I’ve been thinking about this poor neglected blog a lot lately. I really miss taking pictures because I plan to share them, and planning little posts to put here. At the moment I’m trying to remember how I had time to do this regularly…it seems like that was someone else’s life. I’m not making any promises but I want to spend time doing things here a few times a week.

I’ve had several people ask about my webshop. It too is something I had and still have hopes of bringing back to life. I have a thought of aiming for April to kick things off there officially…this will be the place for updates. That it written in pencil for now.

I’m sharing just a few pictures today that caught my eye as I was clicking through nearly 2,000 pictures I imported from my camera. My hand actually went numb from clicking for so long. I discovered that something went wrong internally sometime in December so I need to take my camera in for a check up but I still have a LOT of pictures that aren’t too bad. These are unedited snaps I took in September and November.

At this point, our parents are doing quite well. I had gone to Michigan for a month last Spring to be on hand while Jerry’s dad recovered from a mild stroke. He’s had another since but again recovered quite well. He has since acquired a motorcycle and a puppy…

Our kids are doing very well and healthy also, we feel truly blessed.

I’ll be back with crafty things soon!!


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