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Today I want to share a couple of things I recently sewed, I just finished one of these Saturday.

First I made a beautiful totebag….I bought a beautiful kit…as totebags go it’s a basic tote bag but this fabric….! I got the kit here. I bought the ‘fabric only’ kit but there are lots of helpful, one stop options. When you get the kit, hop over to the blog post with step by step how to sew a tote! I changed a few things, I used a rotary cutter and mat rather than make a pattern and changed the dimensions of my bag slightly. I even had enough spare fabric for a small, catnip filled toy for the girls…look at Opheila’s sneaky glare!!!

The other project is called ‘Quilt as You Go Thread Catcher‘ … or fabric and other notion holder. This one was a bit trickier, I made a few mistakes because I can’t take the time to be sure I know what the instructions say…I just look at the pictures…also my short term memory is well, very short!! The directions are very clear and this is not hard to make. It would have been much easier in a tidy sewing room with dedicated cutting, sewing, and pressing stations (just like the one I have upstairs that is buried in stuff) rather than the kitchen table.

I plan to make more of both things (I need another tote bag kit, I love the choices) but in the meantime, do you have any sewing blog tutorials you recommend? Please share a link in the comments section. I have lots of fabric to use up and maybe this is one way to start cleaning out the sewing room!!


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