Birthday Thank You!!







Jerry’s sister came for a visit last week, the week of my was a week long party and I’m exhausted!!

We went places every day, much shopping and consuming of food occurred. We hung out with all the kids on various occasions and drank a dangerous amount of coffee.

It was a great week! I did squeeze in a little brioche knitting which I’ve just learned. The pin is from T, he got me 5 adorable pins (with some input from his mom) and Amber got me some makeup sponges that are too pretty to use and look sweet in the snow. The bunny is from Jerry’s sister and I treated myself to some herb plants!

Thank you, thank you for all the happy birthdays over at facebook. I’ve been off facebook for more than a year now so I don’t see what’s happening there. I appreciate the thought so much!!

I’ve been trying some pretty great recipes lately. I’ll be posting a few very soon.


PS Janet gave me my first lessons in oil painting while she was here…yet another hobby???!!!

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