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I discovered a new (to me) yarn this Summer. Are you ever influenced by instagram to shop online? I saw someone’s post about this yarn and decided to check it out. I bought 2 skeins to start out with, then 3 more, then 4 more…..The first thing I completed was another moonshadow shawl. I used 3 skeins (2 black current and 1 fig), you can see a video of it at my instagram. I’m not sure if you can view it if you aren’t already logged in….

The second completed item was a cowl pattern called Flora Cowl, which I knit as a scarf using the color Azure, from Making Flora magazine. You can also find it here on Ravelry. I was really happy with how this turned out.

The yarn is a light fingering, 50% cotton and 50% lambswool and comes in many, many colors. I ordered it here.

I currently have several other projects being knitted up in this yarn. I’ve posted the photos in this order (color & pattern name)

Marsh : Strangling Vine Lace Scarf
Petal : Cat’s Paw Scarf
Fig : Old Shale Scarf
Mushroom : Silky Alpaca Lace Scarf

I also have 2 skeins of Conker that I’m up in the air about project wise. I’ve just added a few more skeins to my shopping cart…I’m only at the ‘I might order more’ stage however.

Hope all your knitting projects are bringing you joy!!


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