Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw1120c (1936 x 1296)

rmw1120e (1296 x 1936)

rmw1120a (1936 x 1296)

rmw1120d (1936 x 1296)

rmw1120b (1936 x 1296)

rmw1120f (1296 x 1936)

We celebrated our anniversary recently by taking a long scenic drive. Such a nice peaceful way to spend an entire day together.

Our route took us through Poudre Canyon up through State Forest Park and over to the little town of Walden, Colorado. After a quick stop for snacks we turned around and drove back the same way…

I hope you enjoy these (a few of) the pictures I took along the way.

I’m going to try extra hard to revive this weekly feature here on the blog. I post often over at Instagram if you’re on there, I’ve stopped using Facebook entirely.

Happy Wednesday wherever you may be!!

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